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The Value of Time, Teachers & Florida School Districts

Few, if any, value the time of teachers less than most Florida school districts. On any given day, from grades K-12, you will find kids either taking state mandated tests or trapped on some multi-million dollar computer program as the teacher “supervises.”
As ridiculous as it sounds- due to the state requirement of forcing kids to take an online class- many districts offer economics and government using a canned online program. The teacher is a spectator – unlocking quizzes and fixing computer glitches. There is no real instruction or use of teacher expertise. Computer skill, drill and kill programs are the norm. Someone is making billions. Of course the ringleader behind this charade is the Florida Department of Education(sic). These unaccountable mountebanks continue to push segregation, corporate education and testing madness.
I can’t tell you how many teachers I know – experts – who want to teach, who are forced to watch as kids are zombified on computer programs each day.
If teachers dare speak out, they are slapped down by district or state apparatchiks. They want you to shut up and live in dystopian bliss.
Not one Florida district has the testicular fortitude to tell DOE and the legislature to go to hell. They cry about the law and rules. I assure you that Rosa Parks and the Founding Fathers were not so concerned with “the rules.” Raymond Chandler once wrote that “one cannot be adequately paid for wasting time.” I agree.


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