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Phony Research Claims to Sell Computer Programs and Make Billions

The mountebanks at “Scholastic” are at it again with outrageous and unprofessional research claims. The goal is clear- make billions by selling its “Read 180” Computer program. Here are some of the claims made by Scholastic in a recent press release.

They claim that due to district wide implementation of “Read 180”, (Napa Valley School District) there was a 60% drop in referrals to special education and a 45% drop in expulsions!  They also claim the program caused a 43% drop in suspensions. This is amazing! Does it also cure the common cold and cause the poles to shift? Yes folks, this product works miracles. It is odd that the report did not mention the percent increase in money spent on computers, software and other mind-numbing diversions.

I can tell you that one of the main reasons we see high school kids in reading classes and high school kids who “hate” to read is that they have been trapped on computer programs for 8 years.

Yes. Scholastic really said that “Read 180” gets credit for a drop in expulsions, suspensions and special education referrals.

Dick Allington is right. Ban all computer programs from reading classrooms.


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