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College Board Data Mining Hits More Gold

The College Board has a program called AP Insight. It is for AP Biology. It is a DATA MINING SCAM. Palm Beach County Florida is one of the districts signing up for this. Not only does it involve massive DATA collection, it requires teachers to faithfully implement a scripted curriculum and give required formative assessments- more testing! Now we can test AP kids to death too.

Here are some quotes from the agreement the College Board makes a district sign…

1. “Allow the College Board to survey students.”

2. “Enter teacher DATA and student DATA into the AP Insight Program.”

The agreement requires student DATA such as…

1. DOB

2. ID Number

3. Gender

4. Race

5. Free or reduced lunch eligibility

This is just the TIP of the ICEBERG. Do parents get to agree to this? If they do not, are their kids kicked out of AP?


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