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The Weingarten Miracle

The CEO of AFT – Randi Weingarten – continues to try and delink herself from reality. The next time Randi pretends to rail against “testing,” just remember a few things…
A. Under Weingarten- AFT took money to work with PARCC to develop test questions.
B. The Weingarten cry to “delay the stakes” was a clever ruse. Notice she did not call to stop the tests or stop diverting billions to them.
C. Under Weingarten- AFT has a “get it right” campaign for common core. Sound familiar? AFT had the same campaign for NCLB. How did that turn out?
D. Weingarten refuses to admit that common core was test driven from day one. Each time she shills – someone working for Pearson gets his/her wings.
E. Randi once said that “It is our job to prepare kids for the SAT.”

I could go on but I think it is clear that Weingarten is a great ally for the educational testing complex. At the heart of this complex is the belief that teachers should not evaluate their students. The belief is that we should divert billions to testing companies and computer companies – while schools crumble and kids starve.
Of course standardized test scores are little more than political hammers to push the agendas of politicians. They are of no real value.
NEA is also to blame. They are common core (ergo testing) buskers as well. Weingarten is just more vocal.

Randi Weingarten, J’accuse !


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