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Did FL Legislature Ease Testing ? Nope.

Headlines are announcing that the legislature has scaled back testing. The  facts show otherwise.

A. Not one test that was (will be) given this year- is eliminated next year. In fact, there is an additional EOC starting this year.

B. While PERT is no longer mandatory – if the law changes – you can bet every single district will still give it. Why? It helps school grades and offers a chance to meet some graduation requirements.

C. Still required are ePAT practice tests that students must take for EVERY EOC.

The problem is the testing culture. Today, Senator Don “big daddy” Gaetz continued the accountability myth by saying we need to divert billions to more tests and testing infrastructure to measure schools and students. This shows utter contempt for teachers and students. As colleges and independent (private) schools know – teachers provide accountability without the need for a  massive diversion of time and money to standardized testing.

Gaetz, Stargel, Legg, Chrisafulli, Fresen, Flores and the rest of the clown car have a political agenda. Don’t buy their premise that test scores matter. They love making our schools test prep centers. They use testing as a hammer to maintain power. 

So despite what the legislature says- it is the status quo.


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