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Florida Opt Out Movement has Status Quo Testing Shills on the Run

The threat of parents and students opting out of the massive and useless Florida testing regimen has status quo testing shills shaking their rattles around the state as they yell from the top rungs of their cribs from Key West to the Panhandle.

Last week Senator Don “big daddy” Gaetz blamed “adults” for the testing frenzy around the state. This is the guy who has voted to increase testing more than anyone in the legislature. Don “Pearson” Gaetz does not want to give up the phony accountability of testing. It is the only thing he has to cling to his power. Of course kids in independent and religious schools get real accountability from teachers – not state tests. Why can’t we all have this benefit? Well, follow the money and the power (trips).

Columbia County Superintendent Terry Huddleston, as reported in the Tampa Bay Times, has threatened nine year old students with retention if they refuse to test. Of course- under law- students have the right to use portfolio assessments for good cause. I hope a lawyer will sue this guy from hell to breakfast. Can you imagine holding back hundreds of students who refuse to test?

Gaetz, Huddleston and Pam Stewart are engaged in educational gangsterism. The threats smack of an earlier time in America when Jim Crow ran wild.

The Florida DOE and legislature will fight to keep the billion dollar testing industry afloat as long as possible. They need their testing hammer to create any narrative they want. Most of all- they hate when parents and students really choose.

Well, we do not need to ask permission to raise our fists- Tommie Smith and John Carlos taught us that.

The message from those who choose to opt out are sending is- come get us. We want our schools back. COME GET US.


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