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FL Senate Rules Chairman David Simmons is WRONG

Today,State Senator David Simmons- R-Altamonte Springs said, “We want to make sure students are being tested but not overtested, and whatever test instrument is used is reliable and valid.”

Here is my response:

1. Why do “we” want to make sure kids are tested by standardized tests? Why not let teachers evaluate their students like in private schools and in every other civilized nation in the world? Follow the money and power.

2. Simmons does not trust teachers and knows he needs massive testing to create the narrative he wants to sell.

3. Even with the changes proposed this year-we will still spend 80-90 days a year on state mandated testing next year.

4. If Simmons and his friends wanted a valid and reliable test, they would never have allowed this to happen. They simply got something caught in a wringer.

5. If Simmons is so worried about over testing -why has he voted to increase testing in the past?

6. Do not fall for the lie that the massive testing regimen that currently exists in FL is “accountability.” It is politics at its most damaging. It is a parlor game that the grifters in the legislature have used for years.

Simmons is another one asking us to ignore the man behind the curtain.


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