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Why are Florida EOC Exams a Fraud?

1. They cost millions and take the place of authentic teacher centered assessments

2. They often test reading ability and NOT content knowledge. This invalidates the tests immediately. From what I have seen with sample items- this is the sad truth.

3. They are unfair to ELL students

4. They have NO diagnostic value

5. They take over a month to give, ruining instructional time. You basically have from September to March and that is it. April and May are solid testing- every blood draining day.

6. There are several versions of the test and you cannot be sure of the random selection of topics from which questions are chosen. The questions are often esoteric at best- asking about Gifford Pinchot? Really? According to public documents he was on one History test two years ago but not since.

7. Florida-unlike Texas- refuses to release previous exams for study. Why?


*FL high school students suffer through EOC exams in Biology, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry and US History. Some of these tests are over two days and are in addition to the FSA writing and ELA tests that are also multiple days.


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