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May 29th Alert: Florida Schools are STILL testing

You might think that testing season in Florida is over. It is not. The AICE program -which is built around the British school year- is still in testing mode. Many AICE tests are given in two parts and must be taken a week apart. In some cases- seniors must come back AFTER graduation to take AICE tests. If all of the state required EOC, FSA and FCAT testing was eliminated there would be no problem. But, many of these state tests are also two sessions over two days. It is a logistical nightmare that caused the following to occur…

A. Much less teaching time from March to June.

B. It is a rare day to have a full class of students from March to June.

C. It was impossible to give all students FSA and EOC tests this year since AICE has no makeup dates and takes priority.

D. Throw in makeup testing for FSA and EOC tests and you might not see some students in class for two weeks. This actually happened.

E. In order to get higher school grades, schools are forcing students in AICE classes to also take the EOC in that class. Double testing. You will not read about that in the paper.

*AICE offers college credit and FSA/EOC testing does not. It is time to DUMP all EOC testing as well as FSA testing. The only other alternative is to dump AICE.

Florida has turned schools into testing factories and the beat goes on…

PS: Did I mention that it costs a school $10,000 for the “privilege” of being able to offer AICE testing?  That was the rate about eight years ago. Lord knows what it is now.


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