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Should School Board in Palm Beach consider firing Robert Avossa?

I know Robert Avossa has only been on his $350,000 a year and $1,000,000 life insurance policy job for a few months but he has already shown his hand. He has increased the size of the district administration, broken his own hiring freeze fiat and now comes word he wants to turn the district into a charter district. This allows the circus of profiteers, privateers and assorted money changers to enter the county in full force. It destroys the limited power of the union and gives him the autocratic power he seeks. Only the elected board (that oddly picked him despite better candidates) stands in his way. It might be time for the school board to put him on notice. A warning now might allow him to have a chance to realize the people do not want his charter agenda. Maybe he can succeed when he realizes he works for the people. I hope it works out but given past history and current remarks, the school board should be very firm here- or citizens should vote them out.

Is there some special crisis requiring the moves Avossa is attempting? No. I saw a message from someone familiar with Avossa from Fulton County. This lady posted a note in response to the Diane Ravitch piece about this topic that you can read here. Scroll down and read the reply from a lady who explains the Avossa game of masking a tightly controlled Broad agenda with the illusion of “listening.”

Voters also need to ask hard questions of the school board that picked Avossa- a man who said he had a passion for teaching but left the classroom after less than a decade.


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