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Under Avossa-the buck stops…there.

I recently reported that Palm Beach superintendent Robert Avossa was off to a rough start in his new job. He broke his own hiring freeze to bring in some friends to fill high paying positions and rewarded a plagiarizing principal with a desk job while overturning his original plan to dock the principal pay for ten days. In the process, Avossa ignored the hard work of the peer committee handling the plagiarism case.

It gets worse…

School opened up last week with major transportation problems that were well known and reported up the chain of command. Dangerous conditions continue to exist with bus routes.

The response from Avossa was to publically throw his employees under the bus. He called his own transportation department “tone deaf.” Not once did Avossa take blame. Good leaders do not publically throw employees under the bus.

Avossa claims nobody told him of problems but it is the job of a leader to find out what is going on. Again, Avossa passed the buck.

And what is new deputy superintendent -and Avossa friend -David Christiansen doing? If Avossa is too busy to meet with rank  and file employees, certainly his deputy can.

It appears Avossa is in over his head and the Board should put the new superintendent on a very short leash. The public humiliation of employees is a troubling sign.


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