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The Whimsy of Radicals

The recent spate of criminals shooting police officers is a bad omen and serves as a reminder of the past. In 1970 the Black Panthers were murdering cops. Hippies were hoisting the flag of North Vietnam over government buildings. Radicals in Greenwich Village were plotting to murder soldiers and their dates at a Fort Dix dance. Democrat George Corley Wallace was promising violence if President Nixon persisted in his plan to peacefully desegregate Southern schools with cabinet level committees. Out of this gangsterism and barbarism the silent majority rose up to give Richard Nixon the biggest electoral victory in history at that time. The radical defeatism of George McGovern and treason of the Jane Fonda crowd was rejected in favor of the gradual ending of the war in Vietnam and a rebuilding of the Great Society that LBJ lost in burning American cities and rice paddies of Vietnam. A focus on Sickle Cell, minority hiring, cancer research and drug treatment won out over those who sought to bring the nation down. 

The next time you hear a politician mention the silent majority, remember where the phrase came from and how they continue to regulate the whimsy of the radicals.


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