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It is PSAT Bullying Time Again

This is the time of year when school districts and schools bluff, bully and  berate students into taking the optional PSAT. 

I am not sure how all districts handle this but in Palm Beach students are never told that they can opt out of this test. Students are forcably signed up. Another day of learning is lost and teachers become (unpaid)  proctors for The College Board.

This is all part of the numbing process. Districts and schools make students believe that massive testing is normal and to shut up and sharpen those pencils.

The PSAT should be optional and students should sign up IF they want to test. Stop bullying kids into thinking they must take this test or their futures are bleak. 

Despite what we hear, one main goal of the PSAT is to give The College Board personal information about students and begin tracking them.

Let the numbing begin.


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