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Avossa or Abbott & Costello in Palm Beach Schools?

Local testing has increased a lot since Robert Avossa became the new superintendent. Along with a gaudy salary and benefit plan- Avossa has increased testing beyond belief. High school students are being forced to take as many as 100 local assessments this year. 

But who is requiring them?

At a recent meeting (according to someone who was there) Avossa denied requiring the assessments. Avossa’s assistant, David Christiansen, also denied requiring them. Chief Academic Officer Keith Oswald said he told principals NOT to require these assessments. 

Oddly- all three refused to tell principals to stop requiring the massive testing regimen.

At least one area superintendent said he was not requiring the assessments.

So it is the Principals?

The 100 or so assessments were rolled out as “optional” and up to the professional judgment of teachers. This is what a high ranking district official – Diana Fedderman- told teachers over and over back in August. So what happened?

A high ranking district official told me that his/her bosses were in fact requiring the assessments and the principals met to require them too.

Is anyone telling the truth? And who is on first?


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