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2016 State of the Union Address by Nixon?

While most of the mainstream media was heaping praise on the recent State of the Union Address by President Obama, their ignorance of history -or willing neglect – stuck our like a sore thumb.

Time and time again, Mr. Obama listed achievements that followed the Richard Nixon playbook. Sadly , Mr. Obama did not have the courage to give Mr. Nixon credit. 

The media refused too.

1. Mr. Obama spoke of his thawing out of relations with Cuba. Cue Nixon and China and The Soviet Union. As Nixon pointed out – “Detente is not entente.”

2. Mr. Obama spoke of his philosophy of not sending troops around the world to deal with every problem -but help our allies and get them to take the lead. Cue Nixon. The Nixon Doctrine. Mr. Nixon used this idea to finally extracate us from Vietnam. Vietnamization was a success until a feckless 94th  congress sold out South Vietnam and allowed other dominos to fall.  Mr Nixon took office with over 500,000 troops in Vietnam. An almost immediate lowering of troop ceilings took place. By the end of 1972- all troops were finally coming home. The Class of 73′ was the first class in over 30 years to be free from the draft and the first class in over a decade to see us not at war in Vietnam.

3. Mr. Obama spoke about a need to focus on drug treatment. Cue Nixon. Mr. Nixon was the first president to focus on this. His revolutionary work with methadone clinics and ending the war on drugs with lavish spending on treatment is too long ignored. He also ended federal mandatory minimums for marijuana.

4. Mr. Obama spoke of an emphasis on cancer. Cue Nixon. Mr. Nixon gave the nation the noble goal of ending cancer in 1971. He converted a chemical weapons center into a cancer research center. Massive funding for research and education began.

So who was speaking last Tuesday?


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