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Guess the President

Here is a quote from a Presidential message sent to congress. Do not scroll down to the end to see who it is from. Can you guess?

We are looking for a strong supporter of Head Start and someone who recognized the role poverty plays in education.

“To the contrary it only demonstrates the immense contribution the Head Start program has made simply by having raised to prominence on the national agenda the fact–known for some time, but never widely recognized–that the children of the poor mostly arrive at school age seriously deficient in the ability to profit from formal education, and already significantly behind their contemporaries.”

Guesses? FDR?  LBJ?  JFK? Maybe IKE?


The message was from Richard Nixon – sent on February 19th, 1969. This was less than a month after taking office. This was a President who would go on to peacefully desegregate Southern schools using cabinet level committees and not federal coercion. That rarely told story is for another time.



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