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Historical Amnesia- Volume One

The lies we choose to believe. The stories the media never tell. Many Americans were raised on the lie that Richard Nixon claimed to have a secret plan to end the war in Vietnam. That is what we have been told over and over again. Here is what happened.

From early on in 1968- former VP Nixon was clear that his goal in Vietnam was not to cut and run but to end the war with honor. One just need to view old commercials and read speeches to see this. Yet- the myth of a secret plan persists. This was pure media invention in 1968 and the myth persists today.

And now, the rest of the story…

During the presidential campaign of 1952 – Democratic Nominee Adlai Stevenson claimed to have a plan to end the Korean War but would not reveal it since it would alert the enemy. This makes some sense but it was a “secret plan.” The VP candidate for General Eisenhower was Richard Nixon- who challenged Stevenson to offer his plan if it would help our boys.

I bet you did not know that. You never see it in textbooks or media reports. Just as Ike and Nixon were elected – in part- to end the Korean War ( and they did), Nixon would end the Vietnam war at the end of his first term in 1972.

History can be a menagerie of agreed upon myths.

The lies we believe. The stories the media never tell. The villains we need.


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