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Historical Amnesia- Volume Two

I am going to subtitle this series with some phrases I used in volume one.

*The lies we believe

*The stories the media never tell

*The villains we need

At the 1956 Republican National Convention, VP Nixon was nominated to serve another four years with General Eisenhower.  In his acceptance speech- Nixon spoke about Civil Rights goals and said;

  • The White House would work to ensure that “every negro has the opportunity to obtain proper housing, proper medical care and the unlimited ability to live as every American should live.”

What makes these remarks more potent is that shortly before the convention, the KKK had called for Nixon (and Ike) to be removed from office for hinting at integration. Democrats had defeated a Civil Rights Bill. Many Democrats signed the Dixie Manifesto- which called for open opposition to the 1954 Brown Decision.

VP Nixon emerged as the leading Civil Rights spokesperson in the government. The long slog had begun.

If you listen to many in media and academia- you hear LBJ and little else. I argue this is dishonest and perpetuates myths that damage each generation indoctrinated by them.

The lies we believe. The stories the media never tell. The villains we need.




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