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Ike and Dick-they brought our boys home

The Eisenhower- Nixon ticket was elected in 1952 (in part) to get us out of Mr. Truman’s war. Within a few years our boys were coming home and an armistice was signed.

In January of 1969, Richard Nixon walked into the Oval Office knowing that President Johnson put 540,000 US troops into Vietnam.  President Thieu of South Vietnam rejected an attempt by LBJ to hand him over to the wolves in Hanoi.

President Nixon began the process of Vietnamization.Troop levels dropped each year and by the end of 1972 our men were either home or on the way home.  Nixon ended that war.

When the North broke the peace deal- after Nixon left office- he was asked what he would have done if still in office. Nixon remarked that he would have bombed them in order to keep our word to an ally (impeachment be damned. It was the right thing to do). Sadly the Congress refused to keep our promises and let millions be butchered as some dominoes fell.

So Ike and Dick, I salute you both.



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