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New Nixon Library Opens Tomorrow!

I just happened to be online when I got an alert for a live video event from ABC News. It was a preview of the new Nixon Library! There are almost seventy new exhibits and a lot of interactive features.  Chris Cox gave a brief tour that lasted about 30 minutes or so. It really looks good.

Many achievements of the administration (formerly ignored) are now included in the library.  I have to admit I got chills when Chris Cox told the viewers that Richard Nixon got more votes than any candidate in history- looking at all national tickets.  Nixon was on more national tickets than any GOP candidate in history and is tied with FDR overall. Of course FDR was not subject to any term limits.

I really hope that new generations of historians will stop the crime against history that has been perpetuated for fifty years. Nixon has been slandered more than any President in history yet he accomplished more than all but FDR.

I hope for an expanded exhibit on his immense role in passing the Civil Rights Bill of 1957 as well as an exhibit on how he peacefully desegregated a majority of Southern schools. You just do not hear about these things and it is a crime.  We owe future generations a lot better.


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