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How Dare Someone Attack a War Hero!

I hate to disappoint those who thought this was about Donald Trump making negative comments about John McCain- a prisoner of war during Vietnam. The media wet themselves over this event.

But in 1952 the media did not appear to care as much when a Democratic sitting President made an outrageous attack on a candidate just a month before the presidential election.

On October 4th- President Harry Truman spoke in Oakland California at a Democratic Party rally. Truman actually said Republican nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower was responsible – in part- for the Korean War. Truman went on to say that Ike had abused the trust placed in him. Truman went on to blame Eisenhower for other failures in the Truman administration. The stupid audacity to blame Ike for Korea is stunning. I think he forgot about the Communist aggression and his own order to send in our troops.

A day earlier- Democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson attacked Ike in a speech delivered in Ohio. The nominee said Ike was “bought” by isolationists.

Democrats can always get away with things that Republicans can’t.


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