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Massive Local Testing in Palm Beach County Suffocates Instruction

The fairly new leadership in Palm Beach County appears to believe in two main things:

  1. Put students in front of computer screens for mind-numbing (and expensive) practice and 2. Test students until the cows come home.

The slogan for the school district should be, “Weigh the student but don’t feed them much.”

I wanted to find out how many local tests students were forced to take. These are tests that are not  mandated by anyone but local authority. These are standardized tests and not teacher  made assessments that are built to fit actual instruction.

So how many tests were secondary students forced to take from the first day of school through today? I gathered information from 5 schools and 10 students. The results are stunning.

The average secondary student was forced to sit for 38 different tests from the middle of August through today.  38.

Is this malpractice? Yes. Does anyone appear to care? No.  Mounds of useless data are keeping a lot of people employed and students perpetually numb.


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