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On the 44th Anniversary of VV Day

January 27th 1973 was VV day. Victory in Vietnam Day. After 12 long years the US military role in the war was over. In 1969 Richard Nixon inherited over 550,000 troops in Vietnam. By the start of 1973 they were all home or on the way home – as were our prisoners of war.

This – like many things President Nixon did – was generational change. The draft was over and the class of ’73 would be the first in decades not to be subject to conscription.

Whenever confronted with old slanders and libels against President Nixon on Vietnam we must never forget to thank President Nixon and confront the prattling popinjays who seek to torment this man (even in death) with false narratives pushed by academia and media. They need a villain.

Pat Buchanan once reminded us of what Nick Carraway said to Gatsby: “They were a rotten crowd, you’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”

Mr. Nixon – you’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.


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