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Ending the Nixon Slander Machine

Journalist and Nixon biographer Evan Thomas recently made two extraordinary remarks. First he said that the press WAS out to get Nixon. Second, he said the Woodward-Bernstein narrative we have been fed for over 40 years about President Nixon is “simply not true.”

Sadly, the demonization of Richard Nixon has become a cottage industry with the media and academia willing handmaidens of fractured history, myths and outright lies. We do generational damage each time we aid in perpetuating frauds, slanders and libels against the 37th President.

The tide is slowly turning but it will take a long time to wash the shore clean of detritus.

Along with Evan Thomas – others have taken on the gauntlet of lies to give us the real record of Richard Nixon that we, our children and history deserve.  Below are a few highlights:

A. Historian Conrad Black has taken every opportunity to chip away at the mountain of mendacity spewed forth by the likes of Woodward and Bernstein.

B. Historian Irwin Gellman has done Pulitzer Prize type work in using primary sources and dismantling long-held myths that are perpetuated by historians, journalists and academia. Nixon’s Civil Rights record as VP and POTUS is second to none.

C. Lawyer Geoff Shepard has combed through the files of Watergate prosecutors and court records to show the injustices done. Some of these files were illegally taken away by prosecutors. The collusion and illegal acts perpetrated by lawyers, judges and special prosecutors is stunning.

D. Historian Dean Kotlowski has correctly shifted emphasis to the great Civil Rights achievements of President Nixon.

I know the progress will be slow but we must do this for the sake of history.





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