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More Watergate Malpractice

Despite the fact that we know a lot more now than ever about Watergate, the court historians and media elite continue to be handmaidens of deceit, disinformation and dishonor.

Despite information that the Woodward-Bernstein narrative fed to the public for decades is just not true, feted tales and legends are repeated as fact.

Today we focus on the hyperbolic reactions in the press to the situation with President Trump. My main purpose here is to defend history and the honor of President Nixon and not the current President.

Legal analyst Jeff Toobin was breathless today when he angrily barked out the words, “Obstruction of Justice!” He was referring to President Trump but then said that is what Watergate was about! A President trying to get the FBI to stop an investigation was happening again!

Well. That is not quite accurate. That “smoking gun” tape you heard about turns out to be quite harmless. Nobody recognized it at the time – including the fairly incompetent lawyers helping President Nixon.

To be fair to the lawyers we now know the Watergate Prosecutors and Judge were colluding through ex-parte meetings, hiding exculpatory evidence and much more. Many in Congress were involved in this collusion too. This even includes an unethical and probably illegal (think conspiracy) quid pro quo between Congress and the AG, Mr. Richardson.

The fix was in and the deck was stacked.

But I digress.

President Nixon did not ask the FBI to back off its investigation. Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman presented a plan to do so but Nixon never did it.  And what were they talking about on the tape? Lawyer Geoff Shepard thinks it was to protect a big Democratic donor -that’s it.

The CIA said they would have asked the FBI to move their investigation away from certain areas IF they got a direct order from the President. It never happened. If the request was for national security reasons then it would be appropriate in most cases. But President Nixon never made the request.

I suggest the book, “The Real Watergate Scandal” by Geoff Shepard.

Just think about the new narrative when various networks wheel out  John Dean, Carl Bernstein or Bob Woodward in their oxygen tanks of insulated fantasy. They will prattle on with tales of old.  But who will have the honesty to finally call out this  calumnious claque and correct history?

Someone must…


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