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Saturday Night Massacre or Presidential Leadership?

With all the talk of the “Saturday Night Massacre” due to President Trump’s recent firing of FBI Director Jim Comey, a new round of the slander, libel and smear show against President Nixon is being regurgitated by many in media. The same old myths that miseducated a nation about President Nixon are being spewed by those blinded with hate.

President Nixon made some mistakes during the Watergate crisis, but firing the AG Elliot Richardson (and then the next in line) followed by the dismissal of  Special Prosecutor (and Kennedy family friend) Archibald Cox was not one of them.

Richardson lied to the President about firing Cox over his abuse of power. Richardson – a member of the executive branch – cut an illegal deal with the legislative branch to only fire Cox for certain reasons. Members of Congress obstructed justice and engaged in a conspiracy against the President.

Cox was using his office to go way beyond the scope of the investigation – even harassing Nixon’s friends. We now know the Cox team was having illegal ex-parte meetings with Judge Sirica. False information was being fed to Congress as well. Again, we have obstruction of justice and a conspiracy against the President.

Finally – the political and national security aspect loomed large. Nixon had just saved Israel in the Yom Kippur War and the Russians were threatening more aggression in the Middle East.  Nixon could not show weakness while world  peace was at stake and have people defy him at home. This weakness would embolden the Russians to act again.

Senior Advisor Pat Buchanan was in the Oval Office with President Nixon at the time and predicted articles of impeachment would be started the following Monday – and they were.

But come what may. President Nixon did what he had to do. Do not listen to the fables that have been passed down for decades. They are simply more slanders.

Many people owe President Nixon – and history – an apology.





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