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CTA and FEA should sue Palm Beach over PLC meetings

PLC meetings (Professional Learning Communities) are supposed to be teacher led and actually cover areas teachers feel are important. In Palm Beach, the Super created a new position (that could be better used IN the classroom teaching) to run the meetings. The Union says they constitute an unfair labor practice.

Many teachers are required to meet once a week in addition to proctoring tests, covering duty posts, contractual duties (like grading, calling parents) and just using the restroom.

Let’s be clear. Teacher collaboration goes on informally all the time. If teachers could decide when and how often to meet- few would complain. If all teachers were required to go – and not some-  it would not be seen as an attempt to divide and conquer. When these meetings are mandated it destroys enthusiasm and freedom to discuss issues- since the facilitators run back to the school administration with anything said.

Homework is often given to teachers and many feel obligated to do the extra work and give up planning time to be lectured to for an hour or more. Teachers are pressured into giving mind-numbing district created diagnostic tests (40-50 a year in several subjects).

The Super called those opposing these weekly lectures “isolationist” and “divisive.”

The Super then claimed they were optional yet he refuses to tell principals to stop requiring them.

What should CTA do?

  1. Publish a list of all Principals requiring meetings
  2. File an unfair labor suit against those schools and the District


Jeffrey Hernandez bullyism is back in the district. If CTA really thinks PLC meetings violate the contract, they must act.




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