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Angry Avossa Calls Local Paper “Fake News”

Responding to a Palm Beach Post Article showing an explosion in salaries for district staff making over $140,000 a year, as well as the creation of new positions, Palm Beach Superintendent Robert Avossa launched a foaming at the mouth attack on the paper and reporter.

Avossa called the paper “fake news” and pushing a “false narrative” to create division. The paper –  however –  had the facts.  The attack comes from Avossa, who makes over $350,000 a year plus perks.

The Post pointed out that the Deputy Superintendent (who was run out of a previous job in FL by an angry Board and parents)  earns about $190,000 a year. This constitutes a $16,000 raise in just two years. Avossa and the Deputy Super worked together before.

Who gets a $16,000 raise in two years? Anyone?

Avossa said he “loved his teachers.”  Last year he called many of his loved ones “divisive” and “isolationist.”  Who loves ya baby?

The love Avossa imagines he has for teachers is quite odd. He refuses to prioritize raises, wants them to work more hours and refuses to compensate them for proctoring tests. Teachers are not feeling the love. It is as if Avossa is mumbling in a fever dream.

Later in the day, Avossa apologized for his attacks but defended his budgetary decisions. Never pick a fight with folks who buy ink by the barrel – goes the saying.  Still, Avossa is happy with what he pays district apparatchiks.


The rich and get rich and the poor proctor tests

Boy ain’t we got fun!


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