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Crime in Progress- Palm Beach Schools 10/11/17

Back in the old days, students who wanted to take the PSAT did so and instruction carried on in a normal school day. This is how it should be. The PSAT – or for that matter the SAT and ACT – was never designed to be forced on students.

Since Robert Avossa took over, things have changed. Avossa has paid (partly out of school budgets) extra money to The College Board to forces students to take the PSAT in grades 8 and 9 in addition to the 10th graders who normally take it.

Students are actually signed up sans consent.

They take the PSAT in grades 8,9 and 10- then the SAT in grade 11. All of this is during school. This bastardization of these tests is troubling- and expensive.

High schools are forced to shut down instruction from 7:30 until at least 12:00. Students are kept in one class for hours. Absentee rates go way up as thousands stay home.  Teachers are not even paid by The College Board for giving the test.

Tomorrow is also a testing day for the FSA- a graduation requirement. I spoke to administrators at two schools who said they lack the staff to give this test, so a day is lost.

Maybe we can break up the coffee klatsches at the central office to get proctors to help.


“When I was a child I caught a fever.
My hands felt like two balloons.
Now I’ve got that feeling once again,
I can’t explain; you would not understand.
This is now who I am.
I, I, I’ve become comfortably numb.”

                                                                      Pink Floyd




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