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An Increasingly Unstable Superintendent in Palm Beach?

Very strange things are happening in Florida schools but the events is Palm Beach are remarkable. The Palm Beach Superintendent Robert Avossa (who makes a base salary of $350,000) is showing signs of instability that real leaders do not allow to become habits.

Questions were raised when a school effectiveness survey showed how great teachers, parents and students thought things were in the district. It turned out the results were bogus and had to be revised after an investigation by The Palm Beach Post.

A few months ago, Avossa went on a Twitter rampage in an attack against The Palm Beach Post for reporting simple facts. An angry Avossa got personal in his attacks. It took Board intervention to calm him down and force an apology.

Just this last week- an angry Avossa attacked the local Union President for being “hostile” and “inexperienced.” He sent an angry email that contained allegations that he had to admit were without merit.

Something is wrong.


“Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun…”

Noel Coward


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