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Palm Beach Schools: Meet the New Boss- Same as the Old Boss

Hope springs eternal when a new superintendent arrives in a district.  When Donald Fennoy took over in Palm Beach many were happy but some were upset the previous leader- Robert Avossa- was gone.

Most people missed two things. Both Avossa and Fennoy are Broad graduates. These anti-public education folks are Manchurian Superintendents. And you never know when these sleepers will be called into active service. Jeb Bush loves these folks.

In his interview for the job in Palm Beach Fennoy was upset that elementary teachers apparently did not know how to teach reading. This might seem like a minor point but wait for it…

The district apparently no longer allows children to read books.  Reading time in elementary schools is for skill-drill-kill. I am hearing from prospective teachers that they are being told in job interviews that there is no time for self-selected reading and that if students have books they must answer questions about them based on standards. This is a district directive!

Does Fennoy know about this? Maybe not. But this is nothing new. Teachers have to be subversive to get students into the community of readers- thus book loving citizens.


The data have landed

First they said they needed data

about the children
to find out what they’re learning.
Then they said they needed data
about the children
to make sure they are learning.
Then the children only learnt
what could be turned into data.
Then the children became data.
-Michael Rosen





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