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Thanksgiving 1973

Thanksgiving 1973 was the first Thanksgiving in twelve years that saw the nation NOT at war in Vietnam. Our troops were home and our prisoners of war were home. What an incredible moment in history. At Thanksgiving time in 1968- President Johnson had over 500,000 troops in Vietnam.

Thank you President Nixon.

Remember when…

Remember when the Nixon Administration sent a national health insurance bill to the congress? No? Neither do the media or most in academia. It was killed by that great liberal defender of the poor, Ted Kennedy.

Less Teaching and More Testing in Palm Beach Under Avossa

Since Robert Avossa took over in Palm Beach and neutered the School Board, testing has gone up and teachers have less teaching time. Avossa does not appear to be concerned. When told that PLC meetings were pulling teachers out of the classroom to discuss data- Avossa quipped that it only amounted to a few minutes a week and was not a big deal.

This comment shows how out of touch the superintendent is when it comes to teaching. He appears to be unaware of how important it is to be in class as much as possible. When test results comeback- teachers have THEIR names attached to the results- not the name AVOSSA.

Also this year- Avossa bamboozled the Board into agreeing to increase testing more by giving the PSAT test to 9th graders. Students now sit for this test in 8th, 9th, 10th and then take the SAT during the school day in 11th grade.

This test shuts down high schools for about five hours and ties up staff. And here is a shocker. The day the PSAT was given- it was a makeup day for graduation testing. Students LOST a chance to take a graduation test because resources went to testing HALF of each school. This is stunning malpractice by the Board.

The PSAT and SAT were never designed to be FORCED on students during the school day. ESOL students and exchange students who speak little to no English were also forced to test.

Students who spent 7-8 hours taking the FSA graduation test in October- will be forced to take a diagnostic test that takes two hours- in January- if they did not pass.

Nobody cares. This is nuts.


How Dare Someone Attack a War Hero!

I hate to disappoint those who thought this was about Donald Trump making negative comments about John McCain- a prisoner of war during Vietnam. The media wet themselves over this event.

But in 1952 the media did not appear to care as much when a Democratic sitting President made an outrageous attack on a candidate just a month before the presidential election.

On October 4th- President Harry Truman spoke in Oakland California at a Democratic Party rally. Truman actually said Republican nominee Dwight D. Eisenhower was responsible – in part- for the Korean War. Truman went on to say that Ike had abused the trust placed in him. Truman went on to blame Eisenhower for other failures in the Truman administration. The stupid audacity to blame Ike for Korea is stunning. I think he forgot about the Communist aggression and his own order to send in our troops.

A day earlier- Democratic nominee Adlai Stevenson attacked Ike in a speech delivered in Ohio. The nominee said Ike was “bought” by isolationists.

Democrats can always get away with things that Republicans can’t.

November 1st, 1950

I doubt the media will take note but tomorrow is the 66th anniversary of the assassination attempt you never learned about. The Secret Service has not forgotten and will hold their annual ceremony for White House Police Officer Leslie Coffelt. Coffelt was killed while defending President Truman from an attack by Puerto Rican Nationalists.

An excellent book about the event is called “American Gunfight” by Stephen Hunter and John Bainbridge Jr.

In an troubling footnote,  President Carter actually freed one of the assassins who was serving a life sentence.

Another Myth from 1968

A persistent myth in academia and media is that Richard Nixon did not want to debate in 1968. To be accurate- he wanted to debate Humphrey but not in a three-way debate that included the other Democrat in the race- George Wallace. Humphrey wanted a three-man debate. I do not think anyone would want to debate two wings of the same party. Nixon did not. As it turns out- The Humphrey wing of the party was closer to the Wallace wing than most have the honesty or objectivity to admit.

While Nixon was condemning the race politics of the Democratic Solid South- Humphrey was putting his arms around Lester Maddox- calling him “a good Democrat.”

If you total up all the votes in the states won by Mr. Wallace- the Humphrey ticket got the second highest vote total.

Democratic control of the West crumbled when the Eisenhower-Nixon ticket became the moral conscience of the nation in the 1950s and ended the Korean War while pushing a Civil Rights agenda.

The Democratic South would only crumble in 1972- not due to race- but due to patriotism- Nixon getting us out of Vietnam and taking segregation off the table by peacefully desegregating Southern schools by cabinet level committees.

The South will always return to its conservative roots.




Is The National Archives Biased?

The National Archives helps oversee Presidential Libraries. Is there a clear bias in favor of Democratic Presidents?

Has the FDR Library been asked to be honest by including exhibits about putting a Klansman on the Supreme Court? Opposition to federal anti-lynching laws? Is there a close examination of his Solid South strategy?

Has the JFK Library been asked to be honest by including exhibits about his role in the assassination of President Diem? Or what about the possibly stolen election of 1960?

Has the LBJ Library been asked to be honest by including exhibits about his wiretapping of enemies? Using the CIA and FBI to gather information on enemies? Actually wiretapping the plane of an opponent in a Presidential election?

I could go on but you get the point. I am a member of libraries of Presidents of both parties and I see bias.

New Nixon Library Opens Tomorrow!

I just happened to be online when I got an alert for a live video event from ABC News. It was a preview of the new Nixon Library! There are almost seventy new exhibits and a lot of interactive features.  Chris Cox gave a brief tour that lasted about 30 minutes or so. It really looks good.

Many achievements of the administration (formerly ignored) are now included in the library.  I have to admit I got chills when Chris Cox told the viewers that Richard Nixon got more votes than any candidate in history- looking at all national tickets.  Nixon was on more national tickets than any GOP candidate in history and is tied with FDR overall. Of course FDR was not subject to any term limits.

I really hope that new generations of historians will stop the crime against history that has been perpetuated for fifty years. Nixon has been slandered more than any President in history yet he accomplished more than all but FDR.

I hope for an expanded exhibit on his immense role in passing the Civil Rights Bill of 1957 as well as an exhibit on how he peacefully desegregated a majority of Southern schools. You just do not hear about these things and it is a crime.  We owe future generations a lot better.

Golda Meir: Nixon is “My President”

President Nixon took bold action during the 1973 Yom Kippur War to save Israel and realign the Middle East in a move that would lead to the Camp David Accords at the end of the decade. Egypt would be pulled out of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviets were thwarted in their attempt at regional domination. Nixon used a nuclear alert- echoing what President Eisenhower had done in the 1950s to stop the Russians. The airlift ordered by President Nixon was brilliant.

The Prime Minister of Israel would forever call President Nixon, “My President.”

A Nobel Peace Prize for Nixon

President Nixon deserves nomination for a Nobel Prize. In January 1969 he entered the White House knowing LBJ left him with almost 540,000 troops in Vietnam.

By the end of 1972 all of our combat troops and POWs were either home or on their way home. This was a remarkable feat. The class of 1973 would be the first in decades not subject to the draft- which was ended.  The Class of 1973 would be the first in twelve years to graduate at a time when we were not at war in Vietnam.

There is a popular slander in media and some academia that we could have gotten the same deal in 1968 or 1969 that we got in 1972. This idea does not hold up to the most basic level of scrutiny. Negotiator Winston Lord pointed out that the NVA did not back down from long held demands until after heavy bombings in late 1972.

Former Vice President Hubert Humphrey called President Nixon to tell him that his own boss – LBJ- could never have gotten the deal Nixon got.

Our ally- South Vietnam – was weary. President Kennedy sat by while President Diem was executed. LBJ floated the fantasy idea of potential peace talks in 1968 but when President Thieu found out HE was on the menu like President Diem had been- he wanted no part in any talks.

By 1969 our long term reputation around the world was on the line. Cut and run was never an option. There was no talk of a secret plan- that was media fiction. Peace with honor was the plan from day one.

Shortly after taking office, President Nixon lowered the troop ceiling. In response to the NVA violating the neutrality of Cambodia- the President took action there to save American lives and repel communist aggression.

Had Nixon still been in office when the NVA broke the peace deal he said he would have kept our agreement to help our ally and bomb the North back to Hanoi. He said impeachment be damned.

Sadly, the feckless congress refused to act and keep our agreements. Millions died and some dominos fell.

This Nobel is for you Mr. President. You earned it.



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