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2016 State of the Union Address by Nixon?

While most of the mainstream media was heaping praise on the recent State of the Union Address by President Obama, their ignorance of history -or willing neglect – stuck our like a sore thumb.

Time and time again, Mr. Obama listed achievements that followed the Richard Nixon playbook. Sadly , Mr. Obama did not have the courage to give Mr. Nixon credit. 

The media refused too.

1. Mr. Obama spoke of his thawing out of relations with Cuba. Cue Nixon and China and The Soviet Union. As Nixon pointed out – “Detente is not entente.”

2. Mr. Obama spoke of his philosophy of not sending troops around the world to deal with every problem -but help our allies and get them to take the lead. Cue Nixon. The Nixon Doctrine. Mr. Nixon used this idea to finally extracate us from Vietnam. Vietnamization was a success until a feckless 94th  congress sold out South Vietnam and allowed other dominos to fall.  Mr Nixon took office with over 500,000 troops in Vietnam. An almost immediate lowering of troop ceilings took place. By the end of 1972- all troops were finally coming home. The Class of 73′ was the first class in over 30 years to be free from the draft and the first class in over a decade to see us not at war in Vietnam.

3. Mr. Obama spoke about a need to focus on drug treatment. Cue Nixon. Mr. Nixon was the first president to focus on this. His revolutionary work with methadone clinics and ending the war on drugs with lavish spending on treatment is too long ignored. He also ended federal mandatory minimums for marijuana.

4. Mr. Obama spoke of an emphasis on cancer. Cue Nixon. Mr. Nixon gave the nation the noble goal of ending cancer in 1971. He converted a chemical weapons center into a cancer research center. Massive funding for research and education began.

So who was speaking last Tuesday?

Avossa or Abbott & Costello in Palm Beach Schools?

Local testing has increased a lot since Robert Avossa became the new superintendent. Along with a gaudy salary and benefit plan- Avossa has increased testing beyond belief. High school students are being forced to take as many as 100 local assessments this year. 

But who is requiring them?

At a recent meeting (according to someone who was there) Avossa denied requiring the assessments. Avossa’s assistant, David Christiansen, also denied requiring them. Chief Academic Officer Keith Oswald said he told principals NOT to require these assessments. 

Oddly- all three refused to tell principals to stop requiring the massive testing regimen.

At least one area superintendent said he was not requiring the assessments.

So it is the Principals?

The 100 or so assessments were rolled out as “optional” and up to the professional judgment of teachers. This is what a high ranking district official – Diana Fedderman- told teachers over and over back in August. So what happened?

A high ranking district official told me that his/her bosses were in fact requiring the assessments and the principals met to require them too.

Is anyone telling the truth? And who is on first?

Palm Beach Testing Calendar-October

In case you thought there might be less testing this year, I will post the current testing schedule for one high school during the month of October.

TEST                                          MANDATED BY

ASVAB                                        School

Biology Diagnostic                      School

US History Diagnostic                 School

Math Diagnostic                          School

English Diagnostic                      School

Reading Diagnostic                    School

FAIR Test                                   District

PSAT                                          District

ePat                                            State

FSA Writing                                State

FSA Reading                              State

EOC makeups                            State

FCAT (seniors only)                   State

*Diagnostics are being given every few weeks so there are several required each month.

As you can see, there will not be much teaching going on this month. It is only October!

It is PSAT Bullying Time Again

This is the time of year when school districts and schools bluff, bully and  berate students into taking the optional PSAT. 

I am not sure how all districts handle this but in Palm Beach students are never told that they can opt out of this test. Students are forcably signed up. Another day of learning is lost and teachers become (unpaid)  proctors for The College Board.

This is all part of the numbing process. Districts and schools make students believe that massive testing is normal and to shut up and sharpen those pencils.

The PSAT should be optional and students should sign up IF they want to test. Stop bullying kids into thinking they must take this test or their futures are bleak. 

Despite what we hear, one main goal of the PSAT is to give The College Board personal information about students and begin tracking them.

Let the numbing begin.

When data trumps evidence…

At one Florida school, the obsession with meaningless data has caused harm to many students. Last year, hundreds of students in reading classes were forced to use the “Reading Plus” computer program as a core program. The results on the state graduation test (still FCAT for these Juniors and Seniors) showed a passing rate of 20%. Dismal at best.

One teacher took about 160 students and never used the program once. The teacher only had the students engage in self-selected reading, book talks and book discussions. The state test passing rates for these students was 77%.

You would think that this year all students would be able to join the community of readers and avoid “Reading Plus.” Foolish mortal!

Citing the need to gather “data,” the school continues ( this year)to require the computer program for most students while that one brave teacher is still allowed to save 160 kids.

160 saved and 600 lost.

The obsession with data defeats evidence. What the hell are we doing to kids?

Palm Beach Increases Standardized Testing

Things are getting out of hand down in Palm Beach. Secondary principals  are requiring teachers to give 30-40 diagnostic tests this year. This is a massive increase in standardized testing. The district confirmed that they are not requiring it, so is Robert Avossa even aware that he has test crazed principals who are forcing kids to spend hours testing on a weekly basis? Does this violate the 5% state rule? Is the Board asleep at the switch? How could Avossa not know? As it stands now, many students will be taking multiple diagnostic tests  every week.

When you constantly weigh the child and don’t feed the child – the child dies.

Avossa Increases Testing in Palm Beach

The Palm Beach County School District is spending $99,000 to force middle school students to take the PSAT. The purpose is to supposedly help identify students for higher level classes. This means more kids in AP classes and more money sent to The College Board. 

In reality this is a data mining scheme. Students reveal all kinds of information to The College Board when taking the PSAT- including date of birth and sometimes social security number.

Oh, and it means more time testing.

The Whimsy of Radicals

The recent spate of criminals shooting police officers is a bad omen and serves as a reminder of the past. In 1970 the Black Panthers were murdering cops. Hippies were hoisting the flag of North Vietnam over government buildings. Radicals in Greenwich Village were plotting to murder soldiers and their dates at a Fort Dix dance. Democrat George Corley Wallace was promising violence if President Nixon persisted in his plan to peacefully desegregate Southern schools with cabinet level committees. Out of this gangsterism and barbarism the silent majority rose up to give Richard Nixon the biggest electoral victory in history at that time. The radical defeatism of George McGovern and treason of the Jane Fonda crowd was rejected in favor of the gradual ending of the war in Vietnam and a rebuilding of the Great Society that LBJ lost in burning American cities and rice paddies of Vietnam. A focus on Sickle Cell, minority hiring, cancer research and drug treatment won out over those who sought to bring the nation down. 

The next time you hear a politician mention the silent majority, remember where the phrase came from and how they continue to regulate the whimsy of the radicals.

Under Avossa-the buck stops…there.

I recently reported that Palm Beach superintendent Robert Avossa was off to a rough start in his new job. He broke his own hiring freeze to bring in some friends to fill high paying positions and rewarded a plagiarizing principal with a desk job while overturning his original plan to dock the principal pay for ten days. In the process, Avossa ignored the hard work of the peer committee handling the plagiarism case.

It gets worse…

School opened up last week with major transportation problems that were well known and reported up the chain of command. Dangerous conditions continue to exist with bus routes.

The response from Avossa was to publically throw his employees under the bus. He called his own transportation department “tone deaf.” Not once did Avossa take blame. Good leaders do not publically throw employees under the bus.

Avossa claims nobody told him of problems but it is the job of a leader to find out what is going on. Again, Avossa passed the buck.

And what is new deputy superintendent -and Avossa friend -David Christiansen doing? If Avossa is too busy to meet with rank  and file employees, certainly his deputy can.

It appears Avossa is in over his head and the Board should put the new superintendent on a very short leash. The public humiliation of employees is a troubling sign.

As Predicted! PERT testing not going away in Palm Beach & other counties. Opt out?

Despite the new law making the PERT test optional and no longer state funded, districts are still going to force students to take this test. The result is more class time lost and local tax dollars diverted.

This test can be easily taken by students at any local community college if they want to or need to for admission. Why force students to test in high school? The answer is simple. It is part of the accountability system and schools help their “school grades” if they get kids to pass. I can assure you that this test is meaningless and repetitive. It is also the loss of an entire class period.

Today – Robert Avossa announced that Palm Beach will still force students to take this test. While not all students take the test- many will be required to do so. 

Parents and students need to know they can opt out of this test and take it in a relaxed setting IF they need to- at a local college.

The testing addiction continues.

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