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Does Florida have an independent media?

It is 2014 and not one single Florida media (term used loosely) outfit has investigated the Tammany like relationship between the legislature, department of education and Jeb Bush foundation. One must wonder why. The phone calls, emails and money exchanged is mostly public record information. Nobody wants to upset the orange cart. On the national level, Lee Fang has done some work to show how utterly corrupt the Jeb Bush foundation is- but we need someone to dig into this more.
The press releases and talking points that you hear from the GOP legislature and the department of education both sound eerily similar to what the Jeb Bush foundation puts out on a regular basis. This is no coincidence.
Patty Levesque runs the Jeb Bush
Foundation. Her husband has close ties to the legislature. Look into it.
I am about to tell you something that is public record, very unethical, yet never reported on by anyone in the Florida media(sic).
A few years back, Patty Levesque got herself appointed to a committee from the department of education in FL. as a parent. This, despite the fact that she ran the Jeb Bush foundation.
We need a Jacob Riis, a Lewis Hine, an Upton Sinclair, an Ida Tarbell. Where are you?


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